Extend the light

Customize Philips Hue Lighting with Easy-to-Assemble Connectors.
Compatible with
Litcessory Direct to Controller
Your Phillips HueTM
Not sold here*
Litcessory Cut-End
6-Pin Adapter
Your LED Light Strip
Not sold here*
Litcessory Cut-End
6-Pin Adapter

How it works

  • Before you begin:

    • Measure your distances
    • Determine how many light strips you need
    • Plan your cuts
  • Browse our product lineup to find parts that are compatible with your end types.

  • Add products to your cart, complete your custom Philips Hue build, and send us your finished photos.

See Around Corners

Philips Hue lighting is amazing — but it limits you in application. Use Litcessory extensions and connectors to place the lighting wherever, and however, you like. Even around corners.