Extension Cables

Product Description

This extension cable, specifically designed for the Philips Hue Lightstrip system, enables you to create a break in your LED lightstrips instead of having only one continuous line. The possibilities are endless! You can run lights under cabinets with a break over the sink, create sharply defined lighting on a series of shelves, or even connect lightstrips across an entire room. Our cables are flexible and flat, which makes them inconspicuous - perfect for designing your ideal lighting setup!

This product is great for:

  • Connecting to the end of a lightstrip to add a break in the lightstrip
  • Running lightstrips around corners
  • Connecting a lightstrip to a controller that is located in a different location (with the use of our “Direct-to-Controller” adapter)


Documentation Full Litcessory Product Line
Warranty Two Years Limited Warranty
  •  If you want to connect this product directly to the Philips Lightstrip Plus Controller, you MUST use the Litcessory “Direct-to-Controller” adapter to do so.
  • Male ends are removable, converting them to female.
  • Supports lightstrip runs up to 33 feet/10 meters (lightstrips and extension cables combined).
  • Cable is UL Listed.
  • Made for Indoor Dry Locations Only.
  • All Litcessory products come with a two-year warranty.
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