Controller to 6-Pin Adapter (Detachable)

Product Description

This controller to 6-pin adapter, specifically designed for the Philips Hue Lightstrip system, allows for any Litcessory product or a Philips Lightstrip Plus Extension to be connected directly to a Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus controller. There are two versions of this adapter, a hardwired version and a detachable version. You will need to identify which version you need by looking at your Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus controller.

These adapters solve the issue created by the starter lightstrip either being directly attached to the controller (the Hardwired Version) or the issue created by the controller’s connector size being smaller than any Litcessory product or a Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus Extension (the Detachable Version).

One adapter connects to the controller and the other attaches to the starter lightstrip. Once both adapters are attached, it will provide a 6-pin connection between the controller and the starter lightstrip that can be used to attach any Litcessory product or a Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus Extension.

This product is great for:

  • Any custom lighting setup where a Litcessory extension cable is placed between the controller and the first strip of lights
  • Installations where the controller needs to be placed in a different location than the first strip of lights (for example, to reach a power source)


Documentation Full Litcessory Product Line
Warranty Two Years Limited Warranty
  • This product is REQUIRED to connect any other Litcessory product directly to the Philips Lightstrip Plus Detachable Controller.
  • Male ends are removable, converting them to female.
  • Cable is UL Listed.
  • Made for Indoor Dry Locations Only.
  • All Litcessory products come with a two-year warranty.



The Philips Hue Plus has two controller versions: a detachable version and a hardwired version. Please see the image below to identify which controller version you have.

To extend the distance between the controller and the lightstrip, you will first need to connect one of our Controller to 6-Pin Adapters. Then you can plug in an extension cable.

Our Controller to 6-Pin Adapter comes in a set of two; one for your controller and the other for your original starter lightstrip. To connect to the original starter lightstrip, just use the second controller to 6-pin adapter included in the pack.

Reverse polarity happens when you plug in the wrong side of a 6-pin connector. The flow of electricity gets reversed, and the lightstrip won’t turn on. This is a common occurrence when setting up your project and it is easily fixed. Please take a look at our Troubleshooting Video.

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